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The Glasgow based artist that keeps Jubbly Jock up to his high jinks is me - Lorna Dunn.  


I take my passion for creativity from my grandfather.  My grandpa was a very talented artist, and spent many a Sunday afternoon of my childhood teaching me skills in drawing and painting, and encouraging me to further my interest in art and design.

I ended up going down the career path of Engineering (most proud of my BEng!!) but have always maintained my love for drawing and painting and crafting.

Having a particular love for cartoon illustration, I am always doodling and this led to the creation of the character Jubbly Jock.  I went on to depict Jock and his wee dug Harry in various comical situations, which has now become the HollyRude collection. 

I have now expanded to another collection called Blethering Beasties and hope to add more - around juggling two wee weans and a grumpy mog!

I try to take inspiration from the beautiful Scottish landscape and wildlife and incorporate these into the designs.  They are inspired by typical Scottish humour and the captions should be familiar to most people - they are designed to entertain and bring a smile to your face.

Initially creating these pictures as gifts for friends and family, it was suggested I try taking Jubbly Jock to the greater public.  Starting with local fairs and moving onto larger trade fairs Jubbly Jock is slowly getting his gingery bearded goodness out there and has even made it to the other side of the world, as far as Australia and New Zealand!



Jubbly Jock also supplies to stockists.  Please make contact using the form below.  Trade pricing lists can be provided upon request.  All designs on the website are standard designs however bespoke designs can be provided.

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